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Utilities suppliers

Electricity and gas prices fluctuate, with energy suppliers vying for a larger piece of the market. Stand still and your company pays the price. Be proactive and you could reduce gas and electricity costs dramatically in the long-term.

And where some cost reduction experts may be tempted to achieve a short-term fix, we always look at the long-term.

Here’s how it works:

We analyse your existing gas and electricity usage to clarify the charging mechanisms determining your utilities bills. We look at your peaks and troughs of usage and establish your environmental priorities so we can buy green where possible.

We’re continuously monitoring the market, so we assess the supplier options quickly.

Then it’s time to look at the contract small print. What seems a good deal can sometimes scupper long-term cost reduction.

With the options established, we look at other ways of cutting electricity overheads and gas usage – such as smart metering and consolidated billing for multiple sites.

We negotiate with utilities suppliers to achieve the best strategic outcome – where possible maintaining existing supplier relationships.

How will you use your utilities savings? Boost the profit margin? Invest in more money-saving technology? Reward your staff?

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