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Mailroom services

Staff and stationery aside, mailroom costs centre around three core areas of expenditure: DX mail, Royal Mail standard postage and courier companies.

If you think that signing up to a particular franking machine is saving you money, you could be sorely mistaken. Franking machines have a definite role to play in cutting postroom costs, but what matters most – and should always come first - is monitoring your existing postage costs. 

Your postal costs – whether DX or Royal Mail - ultimately come down to volume and weight. And opting for DX mail over standard postage methods doesn’t guarantee good value for money.

Our first step is always to assess the makeup of your mail: type, urgency, size, weight and frequency.

From there we can monitor your existing postage and DX costs and usage. 

Once we’ve established usage, we can work out which franking machines and DX mail monitoring machines will reduce costs most significantly and negotiate with suppliers to get you the best possible price. We’ve worked in DX monitoring and mailroom overheads for 20 years; we know the suppliers and the limits of negotiation. Our typical client saves as much as 30% on DX mailing alone. That could be you.

Cheaper courier services – without compromising on reliability, security and speed – are perfectly achievable in most cases. Providing you’re happy with your current courier, we’ll always aim to maintain an existing relationship but exploit our volume buying power to get you a better price.

The good news is that the way you pay us is up to you. Fee-based or commission-only. So the hard, investigative graft could cost you nothing.

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